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Welcome to The Archaeologist's Teacup! A place where people can come together and discuss their love of archaeology, crafting, tea, and everything in between!

But what is the story behind the name "The Archaeologist's Teacup"? Back in 2018, platform founder Dr Matilda Siebrecht wanted to create a space that was open and accessible to all, with a focus on sharing information related to the field of archaeology. Using the metaphor of a teacup seemed appropriate for three main reasons:

1. Tea is varied

Nearly everyone drinks some form of hot beverage, and there are so many different approaches to tea in the world, that there is bound to be a flavour that appeals to everyone. The same can be said of archaeology: It includes such a wide range of topics and sub-topics and specialisations that there will definitely be something of interest to everyone.

2. Tea is international

Yes of course some countries drink more tea than others, but in general if you go to any country in the world, one of the first drinks on offer is bound to be some kind of tea. Archaeology is the study of the human past (not dinosaurs!), and so of course is extremely relevant to all of us, no matter which country you are currently based in. 

3. Tea is approachable

Is there anything cosier than settling down to chat over a steaming cup of tea? Too often, academic fields of research such as archaeology are perched on ivory towers, cold and aloof and inaccessible to those outside the discipline. The main aim of this platform is to open up the field to more informal and approachable forms of communication. 

And so The Archaeologist's Teacup was born! Check out the 'Current Projects' tab to see what content is currently being created, and feel free to subscribe to the monthly newsletter, join the Discord server, or contact Matilda through the 'Contact' tab. 

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