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Hello! My name is Dr Matilda Siebrecht and I am the founder of The Archaeologist's Teacup. Using my experience in archaeology and journalism, I combine a healthy curiosity into the past with public outreach, archaeological analysis, and prehistory-inspired crafts. My aim is to make archaeological research more accessible to non-specialists and highlight the relevance of prehistoric issues for modern society.


My background is one of constant change; born in Scotland and raised all over the world. My childhood was spent in the UAE, New Zealand, and Australia, before returning to Scotland to complete an undergraduate degree in archaeology of Northern cultures at the University of Aberdeen. After graduation I moved to Germany where I worked as an archaeologist and English teacher before moving to the Netherlands in 2015 to complete a masters degree in archaeological science at Leiden University, specialising in material culture studies and microwear analysis. After my masters degree, I worked as an English teacher and temporary school director at a private English academy, and also ran my own company selling prehistory-inspired jewellery and accessories. In 2020 I graduated with an online postgraduate degree in journalism from the London School of Journalism. Between 2018 - 2023 I worked as a PhD research candidate at Groningen University in the Netherlands, where my research focused on the microwear analysis of organic artefacts from Dorset Paleo-Inuit material culture assemblages in the central Canadian Arctic.

Since the end of the 2023, I have been working for several different companies and organisations. I am currently employed at Streichardt & Wedekind Archäologie - an excavation company based in Göttingen, Germany - as an archaeologist and digital outreach manager. I am also managing the social media content of the Archaeology Podcast Network, and as of January 2024 am the director of the international experimental archaeology society (EXARC). If you're interested in contacting me professionally, you can use the contact form here, or check out my LinkedIn profile through the socials buttons below.

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