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I am a qualified archaeologist, currently doing my PhD at Groningen University and with over 10 years of experience in archaeological analysis. My specialisation is in the investigation of prehistoric and historic artefacts, focusing on the microscopic analysis of manufacture and usewear traces. I have worked on a range of assemblages from various regions.

Methodological focus

Microscopic analysis allows us to investigate the past at a much deeper level than a simple typological study. An artefact is not just a single, passive object, but has its own story. By looking in detail at how an object was made or used in the past, we can gain a greater understanding, not just of the life-history of that particular object, but also the interactions and values of the people who made and used them.


I offer services in the microscopic analysis of manufacturing and usewear traces, focusing on artefacts in the following:



- ground stone

- bone

- ivory

- antler

- amber

- jet


- ornamentation

- carvings and figurines

- tools 

- mystery objects

What do you need?

Do you have an archaeological assemblage that would benefit from microwear analysis? Feel free to contact me through the form here and I would be happy to discuss the possibilities and provide an initial quote.

I also offer services in crafting and experimental archaeology demonstrations, and public outreach coaching for archaeology and heritage professionals (click the images for more information).


I offer demonstrations in traditional crafts and experimental archaeology, including......


I can provide coaching in public outreach through innovative platforms such as......

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