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I am a qualified journalist, with a postgraduate diploma from the London School of Journalism. I am experienced in written communication, with published articles in popular science magazines such as Current World Archaeology and guest posts on archaeological blogs such as Mentoring Women in Archaeology and Heritage. I have also presented on radio shows, and am the host of the Finally Friday podcast run by EXARC (the society for experimental archaeology).

Science communication

The communication of any scientific research to non-specialists through accessible and approachable platforms is essential. This is especially true for the fields of archaeology and heritage, which have been the victims of funding cuts and department closures over the last few years. In order to ensure the future of archaeology, it is vital that the relevance and value of archaeological work is understood by those outside our discipline. If stakeholders and funding bodies are not aware of what we do, then how can we expect them to provide us with the necessary resources and encouragement to continue our work?


I offer consultancy services for outreach opportunities in archaeological research projects, particularly in regards to social media platforms. I can also provide editing services for accessible archaeological communication, and content for archaeology themed podcasts, videos, or blogs and other written platforms.


- editing in English

- content creation

- social media strategy consulting

Other services are also possible depending on your needs and requirements.

What do you need?

Do you have an upcoming event that would benefit from a talk on innovative methods in public outreach? Do you need coaching on your own public outreach opportunities? Feel free to contact me through the form here and I would be happy to discuss the possibilities.

I also offer services in the analysis of archaeological artefacts, and crafting and experimental archaeology demonstrations (click the images for more information).


I offer services in the microscopic analysis of traces of manufacture and use, specialising......


I offer demonstrations in traditional crafts and experimental archaeology, including......

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