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I have a range of experience in different technologies and materials. This is thanks in part to my personal interest in crafting, which led me to create pieces from antler, stone, leather, and metal as part of a small business for several years. It is also due to my specialisation in experimental archaeology.

Practical experience

Experimental archaeology is the replication or reproduction of objects, events, and activities from the past. By recreating these ourselves, we can gain a better understanding of the decision-making processes of people in past societies. It is the closest thing we have to a time machine! Archaeologists specialised in artefact and material analysis therefore often need to be able to make these objects and manipulate these materials themselves.


I can provide demonstrations and workshops in a range of prehistoric technologies using traditional tools and materials, both for educational and entertainment purposes.



- leather

- antler

- bone

- amber

- stone

- wood


- beads and pendants

- needles

- bags and pouches

- carvings

What do you need?

Do you have an upcoming event that would benefit from crafting or experimental archaeology demonstrations? Do you need assistance in setting up your own experiment? Feel free to contact me through the form here and I would be happy to discuss the possibilities.

I also offer services in the analysis of archaeological artefacts, and public outreach coaching for archaeology and heritage professionals (click the images for more information). 


I offer services in the microscopic analysis of traces of manufacture and use, specialising......


I can provide coaching in public outreach through innovative platforms such as......

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