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Archaeology Journalism


I have published several external articles and blog posts on the subject of archaeological research for a non-specialist audience. If you are interested in seeing examples of my written work, you can see some online examples in the links below, and I would be happy to send you a pdf of those not available online.

Digging in Permafrost (Current World Archaeology)

So I'm an Archaeologist (Mentoring for Womxn in Archaeology and Heritage)

What has the past ever done for us? (Ashwood Candles)

Social Media Platforms


During my PhD I became interested in the use of social media as a platform for science communication, and used my account The Archaeologist's Teacup to share updates on my research, interesting facts about archaeology, crafting projects, and insights into academic life. All updates are shared through the original Instagram blog, which you can find hereI am also the social media manager for the Archaeology Podcast Network, which you can find out more about through their website here.


If you would like to learn more about this topic, I am very happy to be contacted to write or speak further on the use of social media for archaeological outreach. I can also advise on how companies and projects can implement such outreach in their own work and research. You can get in touch through the contact form here. 

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Archaeo Book Club


There's more of a focus on reading in this project, although our online community does also include a regular writers group who meet up live every two weeks. In 2022 I thought it would be fun to start a book club focusing on how the field of archaeology is depicted in fictional books, and so the Archaeo Book Club was born! We now have members from all over the world, and have expanded to include guest talks from external speakers and the reading of non-fiction too. You can join for free through the link here.

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