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Mugs, Makes, and Microwear


The brand new Archaeologist's Teacup blog is now live and available to read through the button below. The aim is to release monthly posts to start with, although the exact form and style of the blog is still being decided, and will likely develop further over time. Matilda is the main writer, but if you are interested in writing a guest post, do get in touch!

Social Media Platforms


The Archaeologist's Teacup instagram account emerged in 2018 (previously Stone Age Monkey) to share updates on Matilda's research, interesting facts about archaeology, crafting projects, and insights into academic life. The aim was twofold: First, to demonstrate that it is possible to combine academic publishing and archaeology research with a more accessible form of outreach. And second, to improve general public knowledge of archaeological information.

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Archaeo Book Club


There's more of a focus on reading in this project, although our online community does also include a regular writers group who meet up live every two weeks. In 2022 Matilda thought it would be fun to start a book club focusing on how the field of archaeology is depicted in fictional books, and so the Archaeo Book Club was born! We now have members from all over the world, and have expanded to include guest talks from external speakers and the reading of non-fiction too. You can join for free through the link here.

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