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Tea-break Time Travel


Since summer 2022, The Archaeologist's Teacup has had its very own podcast series on the Archaeology Podcast Network called 'Tea-break Time Travel'! In each hour-long episode, Matilda journeys back into our past to focus on a particular object, object type, or past technology, joined by an expert guest speaker. Episodes are released on the fourth Tuesday of every month, and can be found on any podcasting platform, through the APN website, or via the button below. 

And My Trowel


Matilda is also the co-host of another podcast series featured on the Archaeology Podcast Network called 'And My Trowel', run with her co-host (and fellow Archaeo Book Club admin) Ashleigh Airey. In each 30-minute episode, they discuss how archaeological theory can be explored through themes in fantasy fiction, occasionally joined by an expert guest speaker. Episodes are released every two weeks, and can be found on any podcasting platform or downloaded through the Archaeology Podcast Network website here. 

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The EXARC Show


Matilda is also currently one of the hosts of #FinallyFriday - a monthly podcast run by EXARC and featuring two guest speakers from the EXARC community specialising in different technologies, materials, or methods. The podcast was founded during the global pandemic in 2019 as a way to communicate and connect with EXARC members, and has continued to expand since then. Details and links to previous episodes and updates on future episodes can be seen through the link here

As well as #FinallyFriday, Matilda is also the host of a brand new podcast series started by EXARC in 2022 called EXARC Extracts. In this series, she provides a summary of all the reviewed articles published in the latest edition of the EXARC Journal, which is released four times a year and is freely available to read online through the link here. The aim for the EXARC Extracts podcast is to provide an approachable overview to the research conducted by EXARC members, both for interested non-specialists as well as archaeologists and cultural heritage professionals who don't have time to read in depth through every article. Details and links to all episodes can be seen through the journal homepage here.

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