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Pasts and Crafts


Originally planned as monthly videos, this YouTube series has ended up being a bit more irregular, but hopefully in the future it will get back to regularity! In each episode, Matilda looks at a particular object type and attempts to replicate it, chatting along the way about how these objects are perceived archaeologically, the theories and discussions surrounding them, and her own experience with them.


You can access the playlist through the YouTube channel by clicking here


Documentary series


Coming soon!

A lecture series was planned to start in January 2024 but it has had to be pushed back for various reasons, one of which being that it will no longer be a series of lectures, but will instead be a kind of documentary series. Watch this space...

TeaDay short videos


The first great success of The Archaeologist's Teacup were the bi-weekly reels, which looked at different objects or object-types from the past, and introduced concepts in archaeological theory. The trick? Each video could only be one minute long.


Although these series have both stopped now, you can access the entire back catalogue of #TeaDay videos here, and of Theory Thursday videos here.

teaday videos.png

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